save money - buy a new pump

How in the world can you buy a new pump and actually save money? There are a number of ways that buying a new pump can save you money.

If your current pump is a submersible pump, it may not be very energy efficient. On average, the lifespan for pond submersible pumps is only one to three years. It can seem like every time you turn around you are buying a new submersible pump for your pond or worrying about when it is going to quit on you. Murphy’s Law predicts that “your pump will always stop running while you are not at home or, worse yet, while you are out of town.” Depending on fish load and water temperature your fish can begin to suffocate due to oxygen deprivation. The resulting fish losses cause great emotional pain in losing even one of your “wet pets”, to say nothing of the original cost of the koi and then the cost to replace them.

Submersible pumps necessarily involve electricity under water. One rubber O-ring in the pump separates the electricity from the water. From the first day the submersible pump is placed in the pond until it quits running, there is a risk of electricity being released from the pump into the water. A small amount of moisture can get past the O-ring and then a very small ohm output of continuous or intermittent electricity passes back out into the pond water. Even if you have a ground-fault interrupter receptacle or breaker, it will not prevent the stray electricity because water conducts electricity and no signal triggers the receptacle or breaker to trip. The stray electricity locates a ‘ground’ (the spine of one fish), grounds on that same spine with every release and eventually kills that fish and then starts the same process again on a second fish. Fish replacement and pump replacement costs have to be considered once again.

In ponds that are larger than 1200 gallons, we have an opportunity for a much longer lifespan pump, a more energy efficient pump and one where electricity is not under water. Specifically, this would be an external centrifugal drive energy-efficient pump. Our external low-head, high volume and low amp draw pumps typically go at least eight or nine years before the bearings need rebuilding in the motor.

An external pump gives us an opportunity to also dramatically improve moving debris and fish waste to your filter. Improved waste removal is accomplished by installing retro-fit floor drains with the external pump. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pull up your liner to install retro-fit floor drains. The retro-fit floor drains simply sit on top of the liner and black flexible PVC pipe is installed out over the edge of the pond, to the pump. This installation saves money by more efficiently moving fish waste to the filter in a timely manner. With a submersible pump a lot of the waste is not moved to the filter, the fish agitate it, fluidize it, the filter can’t capture a ‘liquid’ and the result is elevated dissolved organics. Elevated dissolved organics are a breeding ground for disease pathogens. Improved waste removal performance therefore reduces the risk of disease, costs associated to treat sick fish and fish replacement costs.

Depending on the actual amperage draw of your original pump versus that of your new more energy-efficient external pump, the power bill savings typically can pay for the purchase price of the new system in about a year and a half. With the new pump you enjoy ongoing lower power bills, a much longer life-span pump and one that can be rebuilt instead of requiring a full replacement cost.

As always, we will happily explain and ‘walk you through’ the entire installation process for your new pump system.