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If you want very high quality, healthy, hand selected, imported Japanese Koi and pond products that are time tested to be the right tool for the job, you are at the right place! We teach you the correct science and engineering, in layman terms – up front, so your fish flourish for 15, 20, 30 or more years – a lifetime of enjoyment! Wet Pets has proudly served Koi Pond and Water Gardening Hobbyists since 1984.

logo We are passionate about koi! Chuck has gills for ears and would stay in the koi house 24/7 if we let him! We do our job by taking the time to educate you on the joys of being a successful pond hobbyist and koi owner. You will not need to redo your pond constantly or repurchase koi.

OUR MOTTO: Spend your money one time for products that work correctly for years!

Wet Pets

  Koi Eat Out of Your Hand

logoMany of our customers want to teach their koi and/or goldfish to eat from their hands. It is fun and this trick will not take long to learn!  more...

  Buy a New Pump

logoHow in the world can you buy a new pump and actually save money? There are a number of ways that buying a new pump can save you money.  more...

   Saki-Hikari Food

logo Recently the Hikari food company released a breakthrough series of new koi & goldfish foods that have multiple advancements making Saki-Hikari the “most technologically advanced koi food available today. ” more...