Wet Pets offers a variety of aquatic plants during the March 15th - August 1st aquatic plant "season". We prefer to plant the aquatics on premises and have the aquatics ready to be placed in your pond in the properly sized pot with the correct soil and fertilizer to assure success and enjoyment with the aquatics from the very first season in your pond.

We prefer aquatic plants to be selected at our facility rather than shipped to you so that the plants are not bareroot and so you can enjoy the full impact of the aquatic plants for your pond.

The following aquatic plants are generally available at Wet Pets from March 15 - August 1:

Lotus Blossom   Lotus Seed Pod   Water Lily

Lotus and Waterlilies:

Full LotusHardy$55.00
Dwarf LotusHardy$45.00
WaterliliesTropical & Hardy$35.00

Bog Plants:

Hardy Canna, Red Stem Canna, Tropical Canna,
Variegated Cattail
Zebra Rush, Various Types of Water Iris, Umbrella Palm $12.00
Dwarf Umbrella Palm, Green Sweetflag, Variegated Sweetflag $12.00
Dwarf Water Bamboo, Single Flowering Arrowhead,
Double Flowering Arrowhead
Dwarf Cattail, Cattail, Graceful Cattail, Purple Pickeral, Pink Pickeral $9.00
White Pickeral, Blue Pickeral $9.00


White Snowflake, Yellow Water Poppy, Four Leaf Clover $12.00
Yellow Fringe, Golden Club, Bog Bean $12.00
Parrots Feather $6.00

Submerged Aquatics:

Anacharis or Hornwort $8.99 per portion

Floating Aquatics:

Water Lettuce or Water Hyacinth $4.99 each
Duckweed or Azolla $4.99 per portion
Aquatic Plant Fertilizer $.35 each