ModelWattsMaximum Flow RatePrice
QL-25 QL-2525 Watt760 Gallons$195.00
NO PHOTO QL-4040 Watt1500 Gallons$235.00
QL-80 QL-8080 Watt3000 Gallons$480.00
QL-120 QL-120120 Watt4500 Gallons$725.00
NO PHOTO QL-160160 Watt6000 Gallons$935.00
NO PHOTO QL-240240 Watt9000 Gallons$1,375.00

Replace the ultraviolet light bulb and plastic overflow tube each spring.
NO PHOTO 25 Watt Ultraviolet Light Bulb$55.99
40 watt UV Bulb 40 Watt Ultraviolet Light Bulb$69.99
NO PHOTO 3/4" Plastic Overflow Tube (40 watt unit)$5.99
NO PHOTO 3/4" Plastic Overflow Tube (25 watt unit)$4.99
NO PHOTO Ballast$63.99
Lifegard Raintight Ballast Box Raintight Ballast Box$36.99
NO PHOTO 3" UV Cap w/ O-Ring $16.99
NO PHOTO Single Tower Horizontal Kit for 25 watt or 40 watt unit $11.99
NO PHOTO Multiple Tower Horizontal Kit for 80, 120, 160 or 240 watt unit$26.99

Every three years we recommend replacing the plastic protective inner sleeve of the ultraviolet light unit.
NO PHOTO Plastic Protective Sleeve (40 watt unit)$9.99
NO PHOTO Plastic Protective Sleeve (25 watt unit)$9.99

Every third to fifth year the quartz sleeve will begin to get opaque with a whitish color to it and that is when it should be replaced.
NO PHOTO 40 Watt Quartz Sleeve$71.99
NO PHOTO 25 Watt Quartz Sleeve$32.99

Wet Pets was the first pond business in the United States to use Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers in ornamental fish ponds - in 1985!

From 1985 - Present Wet Pets has only recommended Lifegard® Ultraviolet Lights.

Lifegard® Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers:

These are the product specifications:
ModelWattsInlet PortOutlet PortHeightMaintenance
QL-25251 1/4" Slip1" Slip26 3/4"42 3/4"Up to 760
QL-40401 1/4" Slip1" Slip34 1/2"64 1/2"Up to 1500
QL-80801 1/4" FPT1 1/4" FPT45 1/4"75 1/4"Up to 3000
QL-1201201 1/2" FPT 1 1/2" FPT45 1/4"75 1/4"Up to 4500
QL-1601602" Slip2" Slip 45 1/4"75 1/4"Up to 6000
QL-2402402" Slip2" Slip 45 1/4"75 1/4"Up to 9000