Water TreatmentSizePrice
Hikari Pond Ultimate
Ultimate 16oz
16 Oz. (Treats 960 gallons) $9.99
        Removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia
Hikari Pond Ultimate
Ultimate 1 gallon
1 Gallon (Treats 7680 gallons) $48.99
        Removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia
Sodium Thiosulfate Crystals
Sodium Thiosulfate Crystals
1 Pound
(1 Tablespoon dechlorinates 1200 gallons)

Sodium Thiosulfate only dechlorinates water. If your municipal water system adds chloramine to your water, a water treatment product that neutralizes chloramine must be added to your pond prior to adding water after a water change.

Test KitsNumber of TestsPrice
API Liquid pH Test Kit
pH Test Kit
250 Tests $6.99
API Liquid Nitrite Test Kit
Nitrite Test Kit
180 Tests $9.99
API Liquid Ammonia Test Kit
Ammonia Test Kit
130 Tests $12.99

Crushed CoralPrice
Estes 15 Lb. Bag
Estes Crushed Coral 15lbs
CORALine 20 Lb. Bag
CORALine Crushed Coral 20lbs
Estes 40 Lb. Bag
Filter Bag for Crushed Coral 12" x 24"
Filter Bag
7 1/2 lbs. Crushed Coral in a filter bag for 1200 Gallon Pond
15 lbs. Crushed Coral in a filter bag for 2400 Gallon Pond

We recommend using crushed coral to maintain your pH and hardness in the pond throughout the year. In the South, we have soft water and especially in wells have very acidic pH. If you will use crushed coral in the filter bag and place it in the filter or waterfall area, it will generally maintain the pH for one year. Each spring or whenever the pH drops below 7, simply replace the crushed coral. The filter bag can be reused for 2 to 3 years, but the crushed coral is not effective after one year and needs to be replaced.

ALWAYS RINSE THE NEW CRUSHED CORAL BEFORE ADDING IT TO YOUR POND otherwise you will have a "white" pond from all the dust in the new coral!